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Just Arrived! Authentic Artisan Experience in Tokyo

Would you like to experience authentic traditional crafts and culture in Tokyo?

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Authentic Artisan Experience in Tokyo

At NINJA KOTAN, we just started tours for foreigners to experience authentic traditional crafts and culture. These tours are designed to allow both domestic and international visitors to learn about Japan's traditional crafts and cultures that have continued for 300-400 years, through experiences led by real artisans, monks, and geishas. These are not the typical tourist-oriented experience tours or shows found in many other tours.


Most of our tours are private

Most of our tours are private, allowing for a more personal experience. Considering you can directly talk with real artisans, monks, and geishas in English, you'll find our prices surprisingly affordable.


The Hidden Gems in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Our tours take place around Kagurazaka, near Edo Castle, an area where samurai culture, temple town culture, geisha culture, merchant culture, and French culture exquisitely blend together. It can be described as a charming and secret treasure. A local guide who has lived in Kagurazaka for a quarter-century will introduce you to the neighborhood's attractions, history, and culture.

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Samue Rental: Like an Authentic Artisan, Monk

Additionally, we are starting a rental service for Samue, traditional Japanese attire perfect for workshops, Zen meditation, conversations with geishas, and strolling around Kagurazaka. The Samue for rent is handmade in Japan by craftsmen.

Our Authentic Artisan Experience Tour

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