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Service Description


- Our company is a registered travel agency. Groups of women can participate with peace of mind.

- Our guides will ensure your safety and a comfortable tour experience.


Would you like to create your own Edo Sarasa piece in a studio with over 100 years of history? The Edo Sarasa created in this studio was traditionally made for ordinary people's kimonos, while the Edo Komon was for the samurai's crested hakama, truly embodying the attire of Edo itself. Being directly taught in English by an authentic dyeing artisan, you will create your own Edo Sarasa masterpiece, making an unforgettable memory in your lifetime.



Note: The location of this tour is in Ochiai, which is a bit away from Kagurazaka. We also offer walking tours of areas other than Kagurazaka upon request. For example, the Toshima Ward Tokiwa-so Manga Museum is nearby, a recreation of Tokiwa-so where many famous manga artists, such as Osamu Tezuka and Fujiko Fujio, spent their early years. Please feel free to consult us for any requests.


Note: You can exchange the tablecloth for other items. Additionally, by paying the difference at the adjacent shop, you can exchange for other items, including Edo Komon bags (valued at 35,000 yen), instead of the authentic Edo Sarasa tablecloth.

Dyeing+Kagurazaka Walk (per person)

Sales Tax Included
  • Included:

    - Dyeing experience under the guidance of an artisan (creating an Edo Sarasa tablecloth)

    - One authentic Edo Sarasa made by the artisan (retail price ¥11,000 ), and one tablecloth created by the customer

    - English-speaking local guide

    - Kagurazaka street walking tour

    - Flexible tour planning in English

    - Garbage Bag


    Note: Other means of transportation can be arranged at an additional cost.


    Not Included:

    - Food and beverage expenses

    - Transportation costs