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Service Description

- This tour is completely private; other groups will not join you.

- Our company is a registered travel agency. Groups of women can participate with peace of mind.

- Our guides will ensure your safety and a comfortable tour experience.



Would you like to explore the hidden gems of Kagurazaka, a renowned gourmet district, with a local guide to discover wonderful izakayas known only to locals? Despite being one of Tokyo's premier culinary destinations, Kagurazaka remains a hidden treasure for foreign travelers, largely unknown to them. With most izakayas only offering Japanese menus, you won't have any trouble ordering as the guide will translate for you.


Why not enjoy delicious food and drinks while engaging in conversations with the local guide about Kagurazaka, Tokyo, and Japan's history and traditional performing arts? Of course, such conversations might also lead to engaging with strangers seated next to you. A delightful dining and conversation experience in Kagurazaka will undoubtedly become an unforgettable memory, making you want to revisit Kagurazaka without question.

Izakaya (Pub) Tour (per person)

Sales Tax Included
  • Included:

    - English-speaking local guide

    - Flexible tour planning in English

    - Garbage Bag


    Note: Other means of transportation can be arranged at an additional cost.


    Not Included:

    - Food and Beverage expenses

    - Transportation costs


    Please note that 'Food and Beverage expenses' and 'Transportation costs' are not included in the tour price.


    As the cost of dining and drinking at izakayas can vary significantly, food and beverage expenses are not included. Participants can choose their preferred izakaya based on our recommendations, allowing for a personalized dining experience tailored to your specific tastes and budget preferences.


    You will be responsible for your own food and beverage expenses at the izakaya, enabling you to select from the menu according to our recommended options or as you see fit.


    Additionally, should there be a need for transportation during the tour, such as taxis between locations, these costs will also be borne by the participants. We aim to provide flexibility in your dining and travel choices to enhance your experience.