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Discover the Japanese Simplicity with Samue

Traditionally, samue is worn by monks in Japanese Zen temples. Its calm colors and design, tailored for ease of movement, have made it a favorite among many craftsmen. Thus, it's perfectly suited for engaging in traditional crafts or exploring historic streets like Kagurazaka.

Wearing samue facilitates a deeper understanding and immersion into Japanese traditions.


Wear a samue and delve into the essence of Zen. Experience traditional crafts in a studio dressed as artisans do. Walk the streets of tradition, stylishly clad in traditional Japanese attire.



Sizing Information
- Size S: Height (150-160cm), Length (70cm), Inseam (61cm), Waist (60-92cm)

- Size M: Height (160-170cm), Length (75cm), Inseam (68cm), Waist (64-98cm)

- Size L: Height (170-180cm), Length (78cm), Inseam (70cm), Waist (69-106cm)

- Size LL: Height (180cm and above), Length (85cm), Inseam (72cm), Waist (77-112cm)


- Samue is unisex, making it a gender-inclusive product. Primarily, please choose your size based on your height.
- Since the sizes are based on Japanese standards, it is recommended that people from Western countries select one size larger than their usual size (e.g., if you usually wear L, choose LL).
- Samue is designed for a loose and comfortable fit. Size S is intended for individuals with a height of 150-160cm, but if your height is between 156-160cm, consider choosing size M.

- Unlike kimonos or yukatas, samue does not require special dressing skills. Anyone can wear it easily.



How to Use

- Samue rental is available for pickup at the traveler's hotel reception. The return of rented Samue is also done at the hotel reception. No Cleaning is required.



Made in Japan
- The Samue brand is Wasuian, made by the premium Samue manufacturer, Idaseni Co., Ltd..
- The location of Idaseni Co., Ltd.. is Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. Kiryu City, known as the "Weaving City," is an area that flourished through textiles. Its history of fabrics dates back to about 1,300 years.
- Their Samue is made in Japan and is handcrafted by artisans. Moreover, 97% of clothing in Japan is imported, making Japanese-made items extremely valuable. 




- A fully sustainable rental service. Furoshiki is used as the wrapping material for samue rentals.

Samue Rental

Sales Tax Included
  • Included:
    - Samue Rental Fee (Maximum 7 days)

    - Furoshiki (Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth)
    - Shipping costs
    - Cleaning costs


    Not Included:
    - Security Bond (A Security Bond is required with your ‘Samue Rental’ order). We will refund the 'Security Bond' when you return the Samue to us

  • Please note that for each samue rental, a Security Bond must be ordered alongside. If a Security Bond is not included in your order, we will not ship the rental item.


    The Security Bond will be fully refunded to you after we receive the returned samue and confirm that there is no damage or significant soiling. However, please be aware that in cases of damage or significant soiling, the bond cannot be refunded. Thank you for your understanding.