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the logo of "NINJA KOTAN

EDO KAGURA Corporation is the operator of the brand "NINJA KOTAN," which is dedicated to realizing comfortable travel and providing enriching experiences. It is a travel agency registered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, registration number Regional-8490.

The office is located in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku Ward, and offers various tours centered around the traditional town of Kagurazaka, including walking tours, authentic artisan experiences, Zen meditation, and geisha entertainments.

In addition, the company provides clothing rental services (samue and outdoor wear) for travelers, aiming to improve convenience for travelers and address climate change by reducing luggage.


We are a ‘Certified Hokkaido-University startup ’ and a member of the Japan Climate Initiative.

Our company aims to bridge the 'Travel Divide' (*) and strives to leave only happiness in travel. To achieve this, we free travelers from the burden of luggage and the hassle of itinerary planning. By reducing luggage, we significantly contribute to limiting climate change.

Our Company Information

Company Name: EDO KAGURA Corporation

President: Shinya Yamada

Adress: 1-31-16 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1690075 JAPAN


Travel Business License No. : Tokyo Metropolitan Government: Regional-8490

(*) 'Travel Divide' is a term coined by our company, inspired by the digital divide concept. We define the Travel Divide as the existence of seniors, people with disabilities, and travelers with children who, burdened by heavy luggage and disparities in travel information, want to travel but end up giving up on the idea altogether.

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Hokkaido University

We are a 'Certified Hokkaido-University startup.' Hokkaido University is a national university in Japan, and is intensifying its efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sapporo | Hokkaido

Japan Climate Initiative

We are a member of  'Japan Climate Initiative.' The 'Japan Climate Change' is a network of non-governmental actors, including businesses, municipalities, organizations, and NGOs, actively engaged in climate change mitigation efforts.

Tokyo | Japan

SDGs for Regional Revitalization Public-Private Partnership Platform

We are a member of  this platform operated by Cabinet Office, Government Of Japan.This platform aims to solve the challenges faced by local governments in Japan from the perspective of the SDGs, to stimulate regional economic development.

Tokyo | Japan

TSURUGA resort

The Tsuruga Group is our sales partner. The Tsuruga Group is a top-class hospitality group based in Akanko Onsen, Hokkaido, Japan. They are engaged in initiatives like the 'Zero Carbon Project' that contribute to symbiosis for the development of local communities.

Kushiro | Hokkaido

Cross Hotel Sapporo

Cross Hotel Sapporo is our sales partner. They actively introduce tours and spots to their guests to experience the attractions of Sapporo.

A rare hotel where many rooms offer a view of Sapporo's landmark, the TV Tower.

Sapporo | Hokkaido

名称未設定のデザイン - 2024-02-02T162057.818.png

The Peak Villa Suite Hokkaido

The Peak Villa Suite Hokkaido is our sales partner. They offer long-term accommodation , promoting a concept of 'living with mineral water' and providing a 'quality lifestyle' in a town rich in nature. This embodies the idea of 'traveling as you live'.

Higashikawa | Hokkaido


HOTEL & RESIDENCE Nanshukan is our sales partner. They are a long-established lodging hotel in Kagoshima City, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024. It operates under the concept of being a Delicious, Friendly, and Delightful hotel.

Kagoshima | Kagoshima

Ikimachi Co., Ltd.

Ikimachi Co., Ltd.  has been conducting local cultural activities and various cultural projects in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, for over 20 years.They are planning the splendid traditional crafts and culture of Kagurazaka to foreign tourists.

Shinjuku | Tokyo

Idaseni Co., Ltd. "Wasuian"

Idaseni Co., Ltd.  is based in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, one of Japan's historical textile centers.

Over 60 years, they became the top producer of samue in Japan. All products are handmade in Japan by artisans.

Kiryu | Gunma


Yagantetsudo Railway Co., Ltd. is a railway company that owns and operates the Aizu Kinugawa Line, a railway line connecting Tochigi and Fukushima Prefecture. The route offers views of captivating natural scenery.

Nikko | Tochigi

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