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Options for Each Experience Tour

Paid Options

Samue Rental

Samue, traditionally worn by Japanese Zen temple monks as work attire, features a calm color palette and a design that's easy to move in, making it popular among many craftsmen. Therefore, it's perfect for traditional craft-making experiences and walking tours in historic areas like Kagurazaka.

Outdoor Wear Rental (Patagonia Brand)
We offer rentals of outdoor wear suitable for strolls and traditional craft-making experiences. This option is especially recommended for business travelers who wish to dress comfortably outside of a business suit.

Samue Purchase Option

If you like the Samue, you can buy it on the
Idaseni Co., Ltd. "Wasuian" sales site. We ship to hotels where you're staying in Japan and also offer international shipping. For more details, please visit the Idaseni Co., Ltd. "Wasuian" sales site.

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