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How to Learn the Techniques of Japan's Strongest Samurai (2): Authentic Samurai Experience in Tokyo

Authentic Samurai Experience in Tokyo

We will explain how to learn the techniques of the strongest samurai in Japan. Although we refer to it as the techniques of the strongest samurai in Japan, there is no clear definition of who the strongest samurai are. However, it is safe to say that Mugairyu, taught at the Musashinokuni Mugaikai, is one of the strongest schools.

Authentic Samurai Experience in Tokyo

One Reason Why We Consider Mugairyu to Be One of the Strongest Schools

One reason we consider Mugairyu to be one of the strongest schools is that during the Meiji era, practitioners of Mugairyu were active immediately following the end of the samurai era. In the Meiji era, there were three outstanding swordsmen known as the "Sanro Sanketsu," meaning three excellent warriors with the name "Ro" (郎). At that time, the Metropolitan Police Department was a gathering place for swordsmen, including former samurai who had survived the turmoil of the late Edo period, making it the largest hub of swordsmanship in Japan. The three swordsmen known as the "Sanro Sanketsu" were arguably the top three in all of Japan.

The three members of the "Sanro Sanketsu" were Sasaburo Takano (Nakanishi-ha Ittoryu), Kyutaro Takahashi (Mugairyu Takahashi-ha, Tsuda Ichiden-ryu), and Zenzaburo Kawasaki (Mugairyu Hijikata-ha). Of the three, Kyutaro Takahashi and Zenzaburo Kawasaki were practitioners of Mugairyu. Kyutaro Takahashi became the 10th generation master of Mugairyu, succeeding the founder of the style, Tsuji Gettan.

Additionally, Shiryu Nakagawa (11th generation of Mugairyu), a disciple of Kyutaro Takahashi, also studied under Zenzaburo Kawasaki and synthesized Mugairyu Kenjutsu and iaido, systematizing them as "Mugai Shinden Mugairyu Iaido Heido."

Thus, the fact that two out of the three top swordsmen in the immediate post-samurai era were practitioners of Mugairyu suggests that Mugairyu is evidence of being one of the strongest schools in Japan.

Authentic Samurai Experience in Tokyo

Why Not Try the Authentic Samurai Experience in Tokyo?

We strongly encourage you to learn Mugairyu, which can be considered one of the strongest schools. Learning the spirit and etiquette of the samurai directly from a practitioner of iaido while being instructed in English is sure to be an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. Why not try the authentic samurai experience in Tokyo?


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