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Experience Tokyo's Tradition: 'Some no Komichi' Held February 23-25 and the Authentic Artisan Experience

Updated: Jul 5

On February 24th, I had the pleasure of witnessing the "Some no Komichi" event in Ochiai, Shinjuku. The fabrics stretched across the Myoshoji River, brilliantly complementing the crystal-clear waters and the bright sky above. This experience served as a vivid introduction to the profound world of traditional dyeing techniques that thrived during the Edo period, a testament to Tokyo's rich cultural heritage.

Authentic Artisan Dyeing Experience in Tokyo

"Some no Komichi" is a celebration of dyeing techniques that have evolved in Tokyo, notably around the Kanda and Myoshoji River areas, once bustling with over 300 dyeing businesses. Today, Ochiai and Nakai neighborhoods continue to be a hub for artisans and creators who innovate while preserving these ancient methods. The event aims to rejuvenate Ochiai and Nakai as focal points of dyeing culture, inviting residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the area's natural beauty and artistic heritage. With "River Gallery" displays and "Street Gallery" exhibitions, "Some no Komichi" transforms Nakai into a vibrant canvas of dyed fabrics.

Authentic Artisan Dyeing Experience in Tokyo

At Edo Komon and Edo Sarasa, selected among the "Traditional Crafts of Tokyo," we offer an "Authentic Artisan Experience in Tokyo" through our dyeing experience tours. These workshops, located in Shinjuku Ward, a historic center of Japan's dyeing industry, allow participants to explore the world of traditional Edo dyeing techniques under the guidance of genuine artisans.

Some no Sato Ochiai

Participants will engage in an authentic "Edo Komon" dyeing session at "Some no Sato Ochiai," a studio with over a century of history. This unique opportunity not only introduces the intricate art of Edo Sarasa and Komon dyeing but also allows guests to create their own dyed table centerpiece, making for a memorable souvenir. For those looking to explore further, additional items, including Edo Komon bags, can be acquired by paying the difference at the adjacent shop.

Authentic Artisan Dyeing Experience in Tokyo

Our tours are designed to connect travelers with the essence of Japanese culture through hands-on experiences led by true bearers of traditional crafts. Join us in preserving and celebrating the legacy of Tokyo's dyeing industry, and become a part of the ongoing story of these invaluable cultural treasures.

In offering these authentic experiences, we aim not only to delight and educate international visitors but also to inspire a deeper appreciation for Japan's traditional crafts and cultures, contributing to their preservation and revitalization. Embark on a journey with us and immerse yourself in the Authentic Artisan Experience in Tokyo.

Dyeing Techniques of the Edo Period as Depicted in Ukiyo-e

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