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How to Learn the Spirit of Samurai and Zen Simultaneously in Tokyo

Updated: May 21

Learn the Spirit of Samurai and Zen Simultaneously in Tokyo

The Timeless Path of Mugairyu and Zen

In the heart of Tokyo, where the future meets the past, lies an opportunity to immerse yourself in the profound disciplines of Samurai and Zen. "Learn the Spirit of Samurai and Zen in Tokyo" offers a unique journey into the world of Mugairyu, a historic swordsmanship school, and the serene teachings of Zen Buddhism. Founded in 1693 by Tsuji Gettan, Mugairyu is not just about mastering the sword but also about embodying the spirit of Zen.

Mugairyu: The Fusion of Swordsmanship and Zen

Mugairyu, established during a time of peace in the Edo period, represents more than just a martial art. Its founder, Tsuji Gettan, achieved enlightenment at Kyukoji, a Zen temple, and famously declared, "The sword and Zen are one and the same." The essence of Mugairyu is deeply intertwined with Zen, signifying that the ultimate reality, or 'Mu,' is at its core. With over 1,000 disciples, including heads of 32 feudal domains, Gettan's teachings have left an indelible mark on Japan's cultural heritage.

Learn the Spirit of Samurai and Zen Simultaneously in Tokyo

The Profound Verses of Enlightenment

Tsuji Gettan was bestowed with a verse by the Zen master Ishitan of Kyukoji Temple, encapsulating the essence of Mugairyu and Zen:

  • 一法実無外"ippou jitsu ni hoka nashi": There is nothing beyond the one true reality.

  • 乾坤得一貞"kenkon ittei wo u": Even the vastness of heaven and earth gains stability through this singularity.

  • 吹毛方納密"suimou masani mitsu ni osame": Sharp as a blade that cuts with a breath, this truth resides within our hearts.

  • 動着則光清"douchaku sureba sunawachi hikari kiyoshi": With the slightest movement, its pure light shines forth.

These verses not only embody the principles of Mugairyu but also teach us the importance of recognizing and nurturing the wisdom and truth within ourselves. The name 'Mugairyu' itself, derived from 'Mu' meaning 'Zen,' symbolizes the path to enlightenment through the way of the sword.

Learn the Spirit of Samurai and Zen Simultaneously in Tokyo

In Shinjuku's Ochiai, "Musashinokuni Mugaikai" welcomes you to explore the spirit of the Samurai. Following this, a visit to Denchuji Temple in Kagurazaka allows for a deeper understanding of Zen. This tour offers a unique opportunity to experience Iaido, the art of sword drawing, considered the pinnacle of Japanese martial arts. Learning directly from an expert Iaido practitioner in English, you will delve into the spirit and etiquette that defined the Samurai, creating an unforgettable memory.

Learn the Spirit of Samurai and Zen Simultaneously in Tokyo

A Journey of Self-Discovery

"Learn the Spirit of Samurai and Zen in Tokyo" is not merely an invitation to learn about historical practices but a call to explore the depths of your own spirit and discipline. Through the teachings of Mugairyu and the serene insights of Zen, you are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where tradition and modernity harmonize to reveal the path to inner peace. Join us in Tokyo to embrace this transformative experience, where the legacy of the Samurai and the timeless wisdom of Zen await. Learning about the spirit and etiquette of the samurai and zen will undoubtedly become an unforgettable memory in your lifetime.

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