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Japanese Traditional Crafts—Once Lost, They May Never Return: How to Support Japanese Artisans with Experience Tour

Updated: 5 days ago

How to Support Japanese Artisans with Experience Tour

Japan is home to numerous exquisite traditional crafts, but they are not automatically preserved through generations. The market for traditional crafts plummeted from ¥540 billion in 1983 to ¥87 billion in 2020, and the number of craftsmen has decreased from 288,000 in 1979 to just 54,000 (Source: The Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries). This signifies a looming loss of Japan’s cultural heritage.

The Evolution and Current State of Traditional Craft Industries

Post-World War II economic growth transformed many aspects of Japanese society, particularly impacting the traditional crafts industry. Technological innovations and the advent of industrial materials led to a rapid decline in the traditional crafts market, overshadowed by mass-produced modern industrial products.

Moreover, urbanization and the decline of rural areas have made securing the raw materials necessary for traditional crafts difficult. For example, the availability of plants used in lacquer and Washi (Japanese paper), essential for traditional methods, has decreased significantly.

How to Support Japanese Artisans with Experience Tour

How to Support Traditional Crafts and Japanese Artisans with Experience Tour

Given this context, participating in traditional crafts experience tours is crucial for preserving and supporting Japanese artisan's skills. These tours offer a hands-on learning experience under the guidance of skilled artisans, deepening your understanding of the challenges these crafts face and enhancing awareness of cultural preservation.

Impact on the Future

Despite changes in lifestyles and employment environments due to economic growth, traditional crafts are being revalued. Joining these tours not only contributes directly to sustaining these crafts for future generations but also provides economic support that may help alleviate the problem of declining successors in the industry.

How to Support Japanese Artisans with Experience Tour


The loss of Japanese traditional crafts would mean a permanent loss of incredible cultural heritage. Opportunities to learn and experience these crafts are still available today. We urge you to take advantage of this chance. Your actions could be key in passing down these valuable cultures to future generations.

How to Support Japanese Artisans with Experience Tour

Our Traditional Culture Experience Tours

  • Stage Experience at Yarai Noh Theater

  • Kumihimo at Domyo

  • Various Geisha Experiences (Kenban: Practice place, Luxury Ryotei, Traditional Restaurant, Bar)

  • Ukiyo-e at Takahashi Studio

  • Zen Meditation at Denchuji Temple

  • Samurai Experience at Musashinokuni Mugaikai

  • Dyeing Workshop at Some no Sato Ochiai

  • Traditional Construction Techniques at the Kigumi Museum

Our tours are negotiated directly with studios and geisha, ensuring there are no middleman fees. Therefore, the money you pay primarily goes directly to the artisans and geisha who maintain these cultural practices after accounting for a small margin to cover our operational costs. This direct financial contribution significantly aids the maintenance and development of local culture.

Additionally, our company also offers samue rentals (Rental Clothing), perfect for traditional crafts experience tours.

To book any of these tours, please visit our [Booking]. For special experiences like the Yarai Noh Theater visit and time with the geishas at Kenban: Practice place, please contact us through our [Contact].

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