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- Our company is a registered travel agency. Groups of women can participate with peace of mind.

- Our guides will ensure your safety and provide a comfortable tour experience.


Would you like to experience dyeing at a long-established workshop founded in 1882? This workshop has been the cornerstone of Japan's kimono industry through its dyeing expertise.


Create a one-of-a-kind stole using Tokyo's unique dyeing method, Edo Sarasa, which has a long history. This rare opportunity allows you to learn about the history and culture of Edo Sarasa while making your very own original stole. This experience is exclusively available at Tomita Sen Kogei (Dyeing Studio) in Japan.


Dyeing Experience for Silk Stoles (Worth ¥25,000)


① Choose a pattern and its colors

You can choose from four stole patterns: Karahana Yoko-dan, Karahana, Nadeshiko, and Flowers and Birds. Decide on the colors in consultation with the artisans at the workshop.


② Experience begins

Place a pattern template on the silk stole. Absorb an appropriate amount of dye mixed with paste into a special round brush, and apply it with light pressure. Applying too much pressure can cause bleeding. Brush with light pressure only.


③ Factory Tour

After brushing all the colors, you will tour the workshop with an artisan. Your visit to this historically rich workshop will leave a lasting impression. In this plan, the artisans handle the steaming, washing, and drying processes.


If you wish to perform all the steps yourself, please contact us.


④ Watch a video

Watch a video of the kimono dyeing process.


⑤ Receive your silk stole at the hotel

The finished silk stole will be sent to your hotel.

Dyeing on Silk Stoles (per person)

Sales Tax Included
  • Included:

    - Dyeing experience under the guidance of an artisan (creating an Edo Sarasa silk stole)

    - One silk stole created by the customer

    - English-speaking local guide

    - Flexible tour planning in English

    - Shipping fee for silk stole

    Note: Transportation can be arranged at an additional cost. Not Included:


    Not Included:

    - Food and beverage expenses

    - Transportation costs