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Service Description


- This tour is completely private; other groups will not join you.
- Our company is a registered travel agency. Groups of women can participate with peace of mind.
- Our guides will ensure your safety and a comfortable tour experience
- Minimum number of participants: 2 persons
- Maximum number of participants: 4 persons

- This tour includes 2 hours of watching a Geisha's performance and a meal at the famous traditional Japanese Eel (Unagi) restaurant "Shimakin." 
- Many other geisha banquet tours typically feature only 2 geisha. However, our geisha banquet special course is exceptionally luxurious, featuring 3 geisha. To fully appreciate the geisha's performances of songs and dances, it is ideal to have a total of 3 or more performers (including dancers and musicians such as singers, shamisen players, and accompanists).
- This tour is private, and children are welcome to participate.

- "Shimakin" was founded in 1869 and is the oldest restaurant in Kagurazaka. "Shimakin" not only has a long history, but it is also ranked as the fifth best eel restaurant in Shinjuku Ward.
Note: According to Japan's largest gourmet website, Tabelog.

Akebono Course
- Appetizer
- Starter
- Soup
- Sashimi
- Grilled Dish
- Simmered Liver
- Simmered Dish
- Eel Rice Box (Yuki)
- Fruit DessertNot Included:

Note: To dispatch more than 4 Geisha, please contact us.


Would you like to enjoy the enchanting songs and dances of Kagurazaka's Geisha and engage in conversation with them? Even among Japanese people, conversing with Geisha is considered a high barrier and an experience the majority have never had.


Geisha, who have entertained dignitaries from the political and financial worlds through banquets, embody Japan's 'Omotenashi' (hospitality) culture itself. You will surely be amazed by their art and eloquence. This enchanting experience with the Geisha, suitable for all ages, promises to create cherished memories for a lifetime.


Geisha at Eel Restaurant (2-4 persons. Price is per person)

Sales Tax Included
  • Included:
    - Fee for dispatching 3 Geisha (For 2 hours)
    - Appreciation of 3 Geisha performances, including songs, dances, and musical performances
    - Traditional games and conversations with Geisha
    - Customers' food (Akebono Course)
    - English-speaking local guide
    - Flexible tour planning in English

    Note: Transportation can be arranged at an additional cost.

    Not Included:

    - Alcohol and beverage charges
    - Tip for Geisha (The typical tip is ¥3,000-5,000 per geisha)
    - Transportation costs

    Note: To dispatch more than 4 Geisha, please contact us.