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Sakura (cherry blossom) Tour

As spring arrives, many people visit various places in Japan to admire the beauty of cherry blossoms. However, some prefer to avoid the crowds at famous spots and enjoy a peaceful cherry blossom viewing. For those, the hidden gem around Kagurazaka in Tokyo comes highly recommended.

Kagurazaka has been loved by cultural figures and artists since ancient times. Its charm lies in the historic cobblestone alleys and the secluded shops scattered throughout the area. Here, local guides residing in Kagurazaka will take you to cherry blossom spots unknown to most tourists. These are secret places where you can admire the cherry blossoms at your leisure, away from the crowds.

As an extra special experience, we also offer photography services with a DSLR camera. Even if you're not a professional photographer, our local guides will capture your special moments against the backdrop of beautiful cherry blossoms. This will surely become a precious memory that lasts long after you return home.

For those who dislike crowded places and wish to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in a quiet, lesser-known spot, the area around Kagurazaka is ideal. Spend a day in spring surrounded by the enchanting scenery of Kagurazaka and create unforgettable cherry blossom viewing memories. Let's make new spring memories in Kagurazaka.

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Sakura Tour Information

Meeting point

Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Waseda (T04) Station, Exit 2,  lower stairs

Tour Duration

Approximately 2 hours. The meeting and dispersal times will be decided after consulting with the customer.


Everyone is welcome to participate. Of course, children who can walk are also welcome to join, accompanied by a parent. Using a stroller is no problem. Wheelchair users can participate as well. However, please note that there are some places, such as stairs, that may not be accessible for strollers or wheelchair users.

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As spring unfolds, Kagurazaka in Tokyo offers a serene cherry blossom experience away from the crowds. This hidden gem, cherished by cultural icons, reveals its beauty through secluded blossom spots and historic lanes. Local guides will lead you to secret views where you can enjoy the blossoms at your leisure.

We also offer a special service to capture these moments, ensuring your memories are beautifully preserved. Kagurazaka provides an ideal setting for those seeking a peaceful cherry blossom viewing, creating unforgettable memories. Join us in Kagurazaka to discover the essence of spring in a tranquil atmosphere, where each moment becomes a cherished memory. This experience is not just about seeing cherry blossoms but immersing yourself in a tradition that has enchanted hearts for centuries.

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