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Enjoy Authentic Japanese Magic and Geisha Experience at the Same Time in Tokyo

Updated: May 21

In the enchanting corner of Kagurazaka, Tokyo, lies a high-end traditional Japanese restaurant, 'Yukimoto,' where a unique event, 'Tezuma Night,' is set to unfold. This exclusive gathering offers an intimate encounter with two of Japan's oldest traditions: 'Tezuma,' a form of Japanese magic, and the graceful hospitality of Geishas.

Tezuma: Taiki Fujimaya

What is Tezuma?

Tezuma, or traditional Japanese magic, involves skillful sleight of hand techniques to make objects disappear and reappear. Unlike Western magic, Tezuma blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of Japanese tradition, encapsulating the unique beauty and worldview of Japan within its mysterious allure. Today, known as 'Wazuma', this art form is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.

The Maestro of the Night: Taijyu Fujimaya

The spotlight of the evening shines on Taijyu Fujimaya, a master illusionist and the foremost practitioner of Tezuma. Mentored by the legendary Tezuma master, Shinjiro Fujimaya, Taiki has garnered numerous awards in the realm of Japanese magic. His refined performance, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, has earned acclaim both in Japan and internationally, heralding a new era for traditional magic.

Tezuma: Taiki Fujimaya

An Evening with Kagurazaka's Geishas: Enjoy Authentic Japanese Magic and Geisha Experience at the Same Time in Tokyo

Adding to the magic of the evening are the Geishas of Kagurazaka, known for their exquisite artistry, hospitality, and conversational skills. Their unparalleled attention to detail and ability to entertain guests have been perfected over years of entertaining influential figures from the political and financial sectors. Their charm and eloquence have even won the hearts of children from foreign lands, who remember them fondly and send letters of gratitude from across the seas.

An Evening with Kagurazaka's Geishas

Culinary Delights at 'Yukimoto'

'Yukimoto' will serve a special course meal featuring seasonal ingredients, accompanied by an unlimited selection of beer, sake, shochu, and highballs. Typically reserved for regular patrons, 'Yukimoto' opens its doors for this special occasion, offering a rare glimpse into the world of exclusive Japanese hospitality.

high-class ryotei: Yukimoto

Event Details

March 15th (Fri) from 6:30 PM for 2 hours, limited to 25 guests.

March 19th (Tue) from 6:30 PM for 2 hours, limited to 25 guests.

Spaces are filling up quickly, so don't miss this unique opportunity. For reservations, please call 'Yukimoto' directly at Tel. 03-3260-1576. Non-Japanese-speaking guests are welcome to contact us for assistance with reservations.

Spend a mesmerizing night in Kagurazaka, immersing yourself in the authentic Japanese magic and geisha experience. This event promises a journey through the heart of Japan's cultural heritage, offering an unforgettable evening of tradition, art, and culinary excellence in Tokyo. Let's enjoy authentic Japanese magic and geisha experience at the same time in Tokyo. You may never get another chance like this.

high-class ryotei: Yukimoto

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