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Introducing a luxury ryotei in Tokyo where you can experience authentic Kagurazaka geisha entertainment

Updated: May 21

The Essence of Kagurazaka's Geisha Culture at Yukimoto

The pinnacle of authentic Kagurazaka geisha experiences can undoubtedly be found in high-end ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurants). Currently, there are three such ryotei in Kagurazaka where you can invite geisha performers, though one of them is mostly closed.

experience authentic Kagurazaka geisha entertainment

Today, let's introduce "Yukimoto," a ryotei that offers the opportunity to invite geisha. Founded in 1948, Yukimoto is located in Hyogo Yokocho, a picturesque alley that epitomizes the charm of Kagurazaka. Directly opposite Yukimoto is the inn "Wakana," where many authors have penned their masterpieces. The cobblestone pathway of Hyogo Yokocho, along with Yukimoto and Wakana, forms a quintessential Kagurazaka scene, often featured on the covers of numerous magazines and books.

Yukimoto boasts eight rooms, including a large hall with forty tatami mats. It can accommodate groups ranging from a single guest to parties of forty. The bar on the premises is karaoke-equipped.

experience authentic Kagurazaka geisha entertainment

Yukimoto Introducing Japanese Culture Regularly

Yukimoto hosts "Kagura Goyomi," events showcasing Japanese culture with each season. In March, we introduced a traditional Japanese sleight-of-hand magic show known as "Tezuma" on our blog. Additionally, there's the "Yukimoto Kai," a banquet initiated by the previous proprietress to express gratitude and to welcome guests who wish to experience an ozashiki (geisha party) for the first time. Even guests with a modest budget can enjoy a fabulous kaiseki course and geisha entertainment in a full-fledged ryotei through these events.

experience authentic Kagurazaka geisha entertainment

Reasons Why Yukimoto's Cuisine is Exquisite

Given the long history of entertaining dignitaries from political and financial circles, the cuisine at Yukimoto is, as expected, exquisite. They offer four types of courses: the Authentic Kaiseki Course, the Recommended Kaiseki Course, the Luxurious Kaiseki Course, and a Special Course.

experience authentic Kagurazaka geisha entertainment

Experience Authentic Kagurazaka Geisha Entertainment

We at Yukimoto provide banquet seats for you to fully enjoy "ozashiki asobi" (geisha entertainment) alongside Kagurazaka's representative high-end ryotei. Our package is surprisingly affordable at ¥55,000 per person for groups of six or more.

It includes the presence of three geishas, a rare offer compared to the two geishas typically provided in banquet courses by other travel agencies. However, to truly appreciate the art of geisha, a combination of at least one dancer ("tachikata") and two musicians ("jikata") is essential.

We invite you to savor the exquisite cuisine and witness the artistry of geishas at Yukimoto, a hallmark of Kagurazaka.

experience authentic Kagurazaka geisha entertainment

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