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The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku (Dyeing Experience)

The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku (Dyeing Experience)

Dyeing Experience at "Some no Sato Ochiai": The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku

Today, we would like to introduce one of the experiences listed in 'The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku,' published by the Shinjuku Ward Cultural and Tourism Industry Department, which our company offers as a tour: "Walk Along the Myoshoji River and Take Home Local Specialties as Souvenirs." Particularly, the "Some no Komichi" event held every February is a must-see.

The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku (Dyeing Experience)

Shinjuku: One of Japan's Key Dyeing Hubs

The Myoshoji River originates from Myoshoji Pond in Myoshoji Park, Suginami Ward, Tokyo, named after the nearby Myoshoji Temple. It flows into the Kanda River near Tsumihashi Bridge in Shimo-Ochiai, Shinjuku Ward. Dyeing-related industries downstream of the Kanda River moved upstream to find clean water. They settled along the Myoshoji River in Ochiai and Nakai, making this area a major dyeing industry center. It is one of Japan's key dyeing hubs alongside Kyoto and Kanazawa.

The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku (Dyeing Experience)

Edo Sarasa Dyeing Experience at "Some no Sato Ochiai"

Our company offers dyeing experience tours at "Some no Sato Ochiai." During these tours, artisans directly teach you how to dye Edo Sarasa patterns onto tablecloths. The process of applying various colors to plain fabric requires concentration and is a highly enjoyable experience. Children in elementary school and above can participate, making it a great activity for families.

Don't Miss the Annual "Some no Komichi" in February

Additionally, the "Some no Komichi" dyeing event is held along the Myoshoji River every late February. The entire town comes alive with this event, featuring the "River Gallery," where colorful fabric rolls flutter along the Myoshoji River, and the "Street Gallery," where noren curtains created by dyeing artists adorn shop entrances. The event draws around 20,000 visitors annually and is very popular.

Especially notable is the "River Gallery," where the long stretches of fabric rolls attract many people. Although it is unfortunate that the event is held only once a year, it provides a great opportunity to understand Shinjuku's dyeing industry. We highly recommend visiting next February.

The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku (Dyeing Experience)

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