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The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku

Updated: 6 hours ago

The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku

Today, we introduce "The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku (19 New Things to Experience in Shinjuku)." This booklet is only available in Japanese, but it contains many activities that foreign tourists can also enjoy, so we are sharing it here.

Shinjuku is known worldwide for places like Kabukicho and the view of Mount Fuji from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Nishi-Shinjuku. However, the true charm of Shinjuku also lies in lesser-known areas like Kagurazaka and Ochiai, which are calm and hardly known to foreigners.

The booklet describes Shinjuku's finest offerings as "a toy box of Shinjuku's best items." When you come to Shinjuku, don't limit yourself to Kabukicho and Nishi-Shinjuku. Explore the new Shinjuku and discover its hidden treasures!

The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku

Highlights of "The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku"

  1. Use the WE Bus to Visit Shinjuku's Landmarks and Local Specialties: The Shinjuku WE Bus runs on three routes centered around Shinjuku Station, covering tourist spots and commercial facilities like Kabukicho and Shinjuku Gyoen.

  2. Enjoy Gourmet Delights in Kabukicho, the World's Most Famous Entertainment District: Known as the "Number One Entertainment District in the East," Kabukicho is a bustling, never-sleeping town.

  3. Brighten Your Days with Laughter at Shinjuku Suehirotei: Located in Shinjuku Sanchome, this theater features top-notch stand-up comedy and rakugo performers daily.

  4. Have a Romantic Date in Nishi-Shinjuku with Stunning Night Views: Nishi-Shinjuku is an office district filled with skyscrapers that transform into a beautiful night view spot after dusk.

  5. Check Out the Latest Events in Shinjuku, a City Overflowing with Events: Shinjuku is known for its numerous events.

  6. Walk Along the Kanda River and Experience Traditional Dyeing: The Kanda River area is home to many dyeing workshops due to its water quality, suitable for dyeing. The "Tokyo Some Monogatari Museum" offers dyeing experiences and tours.

  7. Experience Multicultural Harmony in Shin-Okubo and Immerse in Foreign Cultures: With over 30,000 foreign residents, Shin-Okubo is a vibrant area where you can experience various international cultures.

  8. Enjoy a Soseki Stroll in the Waseda Area Loved by Literary Giants: Visit the "Soseki Sanbo" memorial, the former home of the famous author Natsume Soseki, who spent his last nine years there.

  9. Watch Select Masterpieces in Shinjuku's Unique Cinemas: Shinjuku is a movie hub with famous cinemas like TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku, featuring the Godzilla head, and Shinjuku Wald 9, which operates late into the night. Waseda Shochiku is a rare cinema that screens double features of classic films.

  10. Appreciate Exceptional Items and Architecture Reflecting Human Ambition: The Theatre Museum, which covers everything from Noh and Kyogen to modern theater, is a unique institution with a building modeled after the 16th-century Fortune Playhouse in England.

  11. Discover the History of Shinjuku at the Shinjuku Historical Museum and Visit Long-Established Shops in Yotsuya: The Shinjuku Historical Museum offers fascinating exhibits such as models of the post town Naito Shinjuku and tram models from the early Showa period.

  12. Return to Childhood at the Tokyo Toy Museum and Find Souvenirs for Your Family: Housed in a former elementary school, the Tokyo Toy Museum is an interactive museum where you can play with and explore toys.

  13. Feel the History of the Olympics at the National Stadium: Reopened in November 2019, the National Stadium, which served as the main stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, is a must-visit with its abundant use of wood, reflecting Japanese style.

  14. Explore the Charming Cobblestone Streets of Kagurazaka and Visit Famous Shops: Kagurazaka features numerous unique shops and restaurants along its stone-paved streets. The alleys, such as Kakurenbo Yokocho and Hyogo Yokocho, offer a charming atmosphere.

  15. Learn About the Printing Industry, a Local Business Nurtured in Shinjuku: The printing and bookbinding industry thrived in Shinjuku after major printing companies moved there post-Meiji era. Over 800 related businesses are still centered in the area south of the Kanda River.

  16. Experience Traditional Japanese Performing Arts "Noh" and Modernized Japanese Goods: Kagurazaka blends Edo period charm with modern design. The Yarai Noh Theater offers regular performances on the second Sunday of every month.

  17. Relax in the Urban Oasis and Find Comfort Items for Relaxation: The Ochiai area is blessed with green parks like the Shimo-Ochiai Yachou no Mori Park, which attracts many birds with its tall trees, streams, and ponds.

  18. Stroll Through the Town Loved by Artists and Purchase Local Historical Items in Ochiai: Ochiai was a retreat for artists seeking a quiet environment in the early Showa period. Many buildings from that era remain, such as the Fumiko Hayashi Memorial Hall, a house she designed herself.

  19. Walk Along the Myoshoji River and Take Home Local Specialties as Souvenirs: The Ochiai and Nakai areas are known for dyeing. In the early Showa period, over 300 dyeing-related businesses were concentrated here.

The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku

Our Tour Highlights in "The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku"

The booklet "The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku" includes many places and facilities related to our tours, such as " Kagurazaka Refined Wander." Specifically, the following items are related to our tours:

Next time, we will introduce the six experiences related to our tours from "The Best 19 Things to Do in Shinjuku" in detail.

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How to Access Kagurazaka

The Kagurazaka area is conveniently located within 30 minutes from any major station in Tokyo. This is because Kagurazaka is situated in the heart of Tokyo, at the center of the Yamanote Line. Please come and visit this convenient and charming Kagurazaka.


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