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What Is Izakaya? Basic Tips for Foreigners Part 6

What Is Izakaya? Basic Tips for Foreigners Part 6

4. What to Do if the Price is Not Listed?

Occasionally, izakayas do not display prices on their menus, particularly high-end ones. This is often due to fluctuating prices of fish and shellfish. Some unscrupulous izakayas may also use this as an opportunity to overcharge customers.

If you encounter an izakaya without prices on the menu, the best approach is to ask for the price of each dish. However, this can be challenging for non-Japanese speakers.

What Is Izakaya? Basic Tips for Foreigners Part 6

A more practical solution is to order "Moriawase" (platter), "Kyo no Osusume" (today’s recommendation), or "Omakase" (chef’s choice). If the food quality is poor, it may indicate a dishonest izakaya, and it’s best to leave early. If the food is good and the izakaya is busy, it’s likely a reputable establishment.

What Is Izakaya? Basic Tips for Foreigners Part 6

What Is Izakaya? Experience Authentic Izakaya Culture: Guided by Locals in Hidden Tokyo

Our company offers tours where we take foreign tourists to izakayas. For those wondering, what is izakaya? An izakaya is a type of informal Japanese pub where people gather to enjoy drinks and a variety of dishes. We assist those who struggle with Japanese-only menus by providing interpretation services. Our guides also provide fun explanations of foods and menu items unique to Japan. Would you like to enjoy a fun time at an izakaya with an English-speaking interpreter guide?

The places we take you to are located in the heart of Tokyo, specifically in Kagurazaka, a top gourmet area yet little known to many foreigners. Kagurazaka is home to many wonderful izakayas hidden in alleys known only to locals. Why not experience authentic izakaya culture at izakayas frequented only by Japanese customers?

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How to Access Kagurazaka

The Kagurazaka area is conveniently located within 30 minutes from any major station in Tokyo. This is because Kagurazaka is situated in the heart of Tokyo, at the center of the Yamanote Line. Please come and visit this convenient and charming Kagurazaka.


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