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Introducing "Bar ei" in Tokyo: A Unique Experience to Chat with Authentic Kagurazaka Geisha

Updated: 5 days ago

The ultimate Kagurazaka geisha experience is usually in high-end ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurants). However, you can also enjoy a fulfilling experience by dining at another establishment and chatting with a geisha at a bar. This is because geishas, who have entertained many influential figures in politics and finance, possess exceptional conversational skills and embody the spirit of "Omotenashi" (hospitality).

About "Bar ei"

Today, we would like to introduce "Bar ei," a bar in Kagurazaka where you can invite a geisha. "Bar ei" is run by a real geisha named Eiko. Since Eiko is often at the counter, you can enjoy a conversation with her without the need to invite other geisha. Kagurazaka also hosts another bar, "Chika," run by a geisha named Chika.

About Eiko san

Eiko is a "Tachikata" (dancing) geisha and a mid-career professional in the Kagurazaka geisha community. Eiko's mother also helps run "Bar ei" and serves an exquisite dry curry, a recipe created by Eiko's sister.

"Bar ei" offers a food menu, including dry curry. This menu was inspired by the geishas' request for something to eat after finishing their engagements at Ryotei, as they never eat while working. Their work involves performing arts, playing games, and serving drinks to guests, making the seating area their workplace. Thus, by around 8-9 PM, when their work ends, they are usually hungry, and some choose to dine at "Bar ei."

A Unique Experience to Chat with Authentic Kagurazaka Geisha

When inviting a geisha to "Bar ei," it's customary to treat her to a drink. This courtesy extends to conversations with Eiko across the bar counter. Some geishas are fluent not only in Japanese but also in English and French. You can invite such a multilingual geisha or use our company-provided English-speaking guide for interpretation.

Since opportunities to speak with geisha are rare, conversing with a real geisha can be an unforgettable experience for foreign tourists. While inviting younger geishas is an option, inviting veteran geishas can lead to enjoyable moments as they share old photos from their apprentice days and tales of old Kagurazaka. This is another unique experience with authentic Kagurazaka geisha.

Our company offers a plan for you to converse with a geisha at "Bar ei." The price for inviting one geisha, including the cost of her drinks and an English-speaking guide, is ¥45,000 (group price for up to 5 people, same price for the group).

Our guide will also bring a Pocketalk device capable of translating up to 85 languages, ensuring that non-English-speaking tourists can easily participate. The initial stay at the bar is for one hour, with the option to extend. We encourage you to take this unique opportunity to have a close conversation with a real Kagurazaka geisha at "Bar ei." It's a different way to see the authentic side of geisha culture and is sure to be an enjoyable experience.

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