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Experience Japanese Noh Theater in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Updated: 5 days ago

Experience Japanese Noh Theater in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Starting on April 1st, we launched the premium cultural experience tour "Kagurazaka Refined Wander: Cultural Awakening Around Every Bend," which includes a visit to Yarai Noh Theater in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Here, you can not only observe but also participate in the stage experience. Yarai Noh Theater offers a demonstration of traditional Noh play by skilled performers, lectures about Noh, a tour of the backstage, including a rare viewing of Noh masks, and an opportunity to perform on the Noh stage yourself.

Experience Japanese Noh Theater in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Explore Yarai Noh Theater: A National Registered Tangible Cultural Property

Yarai Noh Theater was rebuilt in September 1952 and was designated as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property (building) by the Japanese government in 2011. It is owned by the public interest corporation Kanze Kyukokai Association and is used for performances and rehearsals of Noh and Kyogen.

The structure of the Noh stage includes a main stage measuring 5.4m by 5.4m, a rear seating area that is 2.7m deep, a chorus seating area 2.1m deep, and a bridge path that is 2.1m wide and 6.5m long. There are three pine trees between the bridge path and the audience area, placed to create a sense of depth using perspective, with the trees decreasing in height towards the back. The roof is built in the Irimoya style, known in English as the hip-and-gable style. While the exterior of the building may look unassuming, many visitors are surprised by the stunning interior and the Noh stage.

Experience Japanese Noh Theater in Shinjuku, Tokyo

On April 28th (Sunday) at 14:00, "Kotonoha Noh Vol. 3: Enjoying Classics through Noh and Kodan (Storytelling)" will be performed. This performance is designed to be accessible for visually impaired viewers, featuring a specially crafted Noh show that all, whether sighted or not, can enjoy. The program states, "Our goal is for everyone to enjoy a fulfilling time in the same space (Noh theater), regardless of their visual ability." I have already purchased my ticket.

Our company's purpose is "To create a society where everyone can move freely and make people happy." Yarai Noh Theater's universal Noh initiative aligns with our purpose of promoting universal tourism. Yarai Noh Theater has had several meetings with the Japan Braille Library (just a 3-minute walk from our office) to make Noh accessible to visually impaired individuals. We are planning to guide foreign tourists to the Japan Braille Library soon.

Experience Japanese Noh Theater: Try On Masks and Create Unforgettable Memories

Please visit Yarai Noh Theater, where everyone can participate in these universal efforts. The people involved are incredibly kind, and simply interacting with them at this outstanding Japanese Noh Theater can be a refreshing experience. At Yarai Noh Theater, you can witness a Noh play performance, attend a lecture about Noh, and tour the backstage, including viewing precious Noh masks. These experiences are not only unique but will also create unforgettable memories of your trip to Japan. Not only is the building a national Registered Tangible Cultural Property, but all those involved are treasures of Japan.

Experience Japanese Noh Theater in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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