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Authentic Japanese Culture Experience Tour in Kagurazaka: " Kagurazaka Refined Wander" Tour for Inbound Tourists Starts on April 1st

Japan, where tradition intertwines seamlessly with modernity, offers countless opportunities for travelers to dive deep into its rich cultural tapestry. In the heart of Tokyo, a new journey unfolds for those seeking an authentic connection to Japan's heritage. Introducing the "Kagurazaka Refined Wander: Cultural Awakening Around Every Bend" tour, an exclusive experience designed for the culturally curious and affluent traveler. Starting April 1, 2024, this premium tour invites you to explore Kagurazaka like never before, with unique access to the district's traditional crafts, culture, and entertainment.

"Kagurazaka Refined Wander": Authentic Japanese Culture Experience Tour

"Kagurazaka Refined Wander" is organized by Ikimachi Co., Ltd. and marketed by EDO KAGURA Co., Ltd. It is more than a tour; it's a mission to rejuvenate the local traditions that have made Kagurazaka a cultural gem. With over 20 years of deep-rooted history in the area, Ikimachi's extensive network and reputation pave the way for an unrivaled exploration of authentic Japanese culture.

An Immersive Experience Awaits

The tour is a carefully curated journey through Kagurazaka's historical and cultural landmarks. Here's a glimpse of what participants can expect:

Stage Experiences at Yarai Noh Theater: Engage with the mesmerizing world of Noh, a classical Japanese performance art, through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on experiences on a stage that's a nationally registered tangible cultural property.

Stage Experiences at Yarai Noh Theater

Kumihimo at Domyo: Under the guidance of artisans in a 370-year-old braiding shop, delve into the art of Kumihimo, traditional Japanese braiding, crafting your own piece of cultural history.

Kumihimo at Domyo

Geisha Entertainment: Kagurazaka's 200-year history as a geisha district comes alive as you meet and interact with geisha in their private practice spaces, engaging in traditional games and enjoying their performances in both exclusive and casual settings.

Geisha Entertainment

Ukiyo-e at Takahashi Studio: Discover the intricate art of Ukiyo-e woodblock printing, creating your own masterpiece to take home, along with other unique souvenirs.

Ukiyo-e at Takahashi Studio

Kagurazaka Walking Tour and Historic Shopping: With guides well-versed in local history, explore the nooks and crannies of Kagurazaka, shopping at long-established stores that are treasures of cultural heritage.

Kagurazaka Walking Tour

Sustainable and Exclusive

The "Kagurazaka Refined Wander" is committed to sustainable tourism, offering this cultural immersion to small groups for a more personal and impactful experience. This approach ensures that each visitor not only enjoys but also respects the local traditions and communities.

Looking Ahead

Ikimachi Co., Ltd. and EDO KAGURA Co., Ltd. envision "Kagurazaka Refined Wander" as the beginning of a broader initiative to foster cultural city development and culture-based tourism across Japan. By partnering with accommodation providers and travel agencies, they aim to create a network that supports the discovery and promotion of Japan's rich cultural resources.

Embark on a Journey of Cultural Discovery

For those seeking to explore the depth of Japanese culture beyond the surface, the "Kagurazaka Refined Wander" offers authentic Japanese culture experiences. It's not just a tour; it's a gateway to experiencing the soul of Japan, making it an essential adventure for any culturally-minded traveler. Join us on this exclusive journey, and be part of the movement to preserve and celebrate Japan's cultural heritage.


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