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Authentic Artisan Experiences in Tokyo

Our tours are led by authentic artisans, monks, and geisha, offering unique experiences.  This sets us apart from the tourist-centric shows commonly found in other tours. 

We have experienced all the tours ourselves. Receiving direct instruction from authentic artisans and monks and enjoying conversations with them and the geisha was truly enjoyable and profoundly moving. We would love for everyone to experience this valuable and fantastic opportunity.



Zen Meditation
at Denchuji Temple since 1628 



Kumihimo Braiding
at Domyo Studio since 1652 



Kagurazaka Street Walk
The Hidden Gems in Shinjuku, Tokyo



Ukiyo-e Woodblock Printing
at Oldest Studio



Geisha Entertainment
Kagurazaka Geisha since 1788 



Izakaya (Pub) Tour
The Hidden Gems Pubs at Kagurazaka

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Samurai Sword Training
at Musashinokuni Mugaikai since 1693



Dyeing Studio
at Some no sato Ochiai since 1920



Traditional Construction Techniqe Since 670

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Sakura tour
at Hidden Spot in Kagurazaka area

Top Picks

Ukiyo-e Woodblock Printing at Takahashi Studio

Ukiyo-e Woodblock Printing in Tokyo

Takahashi Studio, established in 1855, is Japan's oldest and most prestigious ukiyo-e workshop. Enjoy a valuable ukiyo-e-making experience alongside Authentic ukiyo-e artisans.

This is a completely private tour. You will not be combined with other groups.

Zen Meditation at Denchuji Temple since 1628 

Zen Meditation in Tokyo

Denchuji Temple, established in 1628, is a historic Soto Zen temple. Tokugawa Iemitsu, the third shogun of the Edo shogunate, named it.


The temple has deep connections with the head temple of the Soto school, Eiheiji Temple in Fukui Prefecture, with the former head monk serving at Eiheiji.


The monks provide direct guidance in English for Zen meditation. They also offer Chair Zen for those who cannot cross their legs, children, or people with physical disabilities.

This is a completely private tour. You will not be combined with other groups.

Kumihimo Braiding at Domyo Studio since 1652 

Kumihimo Braiding in Tokyo

Founded in 1652, Domyo is a historic studio near Yushima Tenjin in Ueno.


Domyo specialized in making traditional Japanese braids known as Kumihimo, indispensable for samurai swords. Kumihimo served as a form of mental discipline and a side job for samurai, passing down the technique through generations.


With the end of the Edo period, the demand for Kumihimo shifted to women's kimono obi ties.

Check availability for each tour.

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How to Book Tours and Rental Clothing

Both experience tours and clothing rentals require advance reservation confirmation. Please click the "Read More" button for details on booking and payment methods.

Paid Options

Clothing Rental

We offer Samue and outdoor wear as clothing rental service. Samue is traditionally worn by workers in Japanese Zen temples. With its calm colors and design made for ease of movement, it is favored by many craftsmen. Therefore, it is perfect for experiencing traditional crafts or exploring traditional streets like Kagurazaka.

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Please Protect Japanese Traditional Crafts and Culture
Just with Your Priceless Experience.

Experiencing traditional crafts such as Ukiyo-e, braiding, and dyeing, appreciating the songs and performances of geisha, engaging in samurai experiences at Iaido dojos, and partaking in Zen meditation sessions transcend mere travel. These activities offer an opportunity to learn and immerse yourself in cultural heritage, where every action you take plays a vital role in passing Japan's traditions to future generations. Your invaluable experiences become a force in protecting and perpetuating Japanese traditional crafts. We deeply appreciate your understanding of and efforts to preserve our traditional culture.

Would you join us in safeguarding and spreading the charm of Japan's traditional crafts and culture to the world for future generations? Your experiences during this trip to Japan mark the first step. Our tours are born out of profound respect for Japan's cultural heritage and a fervent desire to convey it to future generations. We hope that through this unique journey, you will gain a deep understanding and love for Japan's traditional culture. We wholeheartedly welcome your experiences as successors of Japan's exquisite traditions.

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