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Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau's Website Features the "Kagurazaka Refined Wander" - A Premium Traditional Culture Experience

Updated: 6 days ago

A Premium Traditional Culture Experience in Tokyo

On April 8, 2024, the General Incorporated Association “Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau” added an article about the "Kagurazaka Refined Wander," a premium traditional culture experience tour, to its website. The "Kagurazaka Refined Wander" is an enhanced version of the Kagurazaka monitor tour (held on February 20, 2024) initiated by the Shinjuku Charm Creation Council, which was established by the “Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau” to develop and discover the attractions of Shinjuku Ward.

A Premium Traditional Culture Experience in Tokyo

The First and Only Premium Traditional Culture Experience in Kagurazaka

The "Kagurazaka Refined Wander," themed "Cultural Awakening Around Every Bend," aims to introduce foreigners to the premium traditional culture experience around Kagurazaka and revitalize crafts and culture. The tour is planned by "Ikimachi Co., Ltd." and sold by our company, "EDO KAGURA." Thanks to the network and credibility of "Ikimachi," built over more than 20 years of community development in Kagurazaka, we have realized this first-of-its-kind traditional crafts and culture experience tour not available for general sale.

A Premium Traditional Culture Experience in Tokyo

The Contents of 'Kagurazaka Refined Wander'

The "Kagurazaka Refined Wander" includes a variety of activities: 1) A visit and stage experience at Yarai Noh Theater, 2) Kumihimo Studio at Domyo, 3) Various experiences with geisha (including practice sessions, dining, and drinking), 4) Ukiyo-e workshop at Takahashi Studio, 5) A walking tour of Kagurazaka and shopping at historic stores. These activities can be customized to suit travelers' preferences, ensuring a highly satisfying premium tour.

The "Kagurazaka Refined Wander" is exclusively available as a small-group private tour. This format enhances travelers' satisfaction through in-depth communication with artisans and cultural figures.

A Premium Traditional Culture Experience in Tokyo

A Premium Traditional Culture Experience in Tokyo

We Look Forward to Cooperation from Hotels and Travel Agencies

As for the sale of the "Kagurazaka Refined Wander," we plan to collaborate not only through our own website but also with accommodation providers and travel agencies. The development of tourism cannot be achieved by one company alone. Stakeholders in various fields need to work together to unearth and promote tourism resources. We look forward to cooperation from many accommodation providers and travel agencies in selling the "Kagurazaka Refined Wander."

For more details, please visit our web site.

A Premium Traditional Culture Experience in Tokyo

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